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Our comprehensive services will address your immediate concerns and we will help you develop an action plan based on your values and what is best for your child. After meeting with us, you will know exactly what the next steps are, and we will help you implement them.

We understand that one of the most important roles you have as a parent is making crucial educational decisions for your child, so MAIA offers you and your family a range of services to meet your needs.

  • Parent Consultation  >>

    Schedule a phone conference or a personal visit to our education resource center for a consultation with our director, Sharon Thomas. Together, we will examine and explore the educational options, and discuss a practical action plan for implementing recommendations. Learn more about our parent consultation or contact us to schedule an appointment.

  • Academic Assessments K–12  >>

    An academic assessment at our center will identify your child’s strengths and developing areas to help determine the best course of action.Our trained staff will identify current levels of academic functioning through informal and standardized assessments in reading, writing, math, and study/organizational skills.

  • Tutoring K–12  >>

    Individualized or small group tutoring in reading, writing, or math will focus on the specific skills that need improvement and empower your child to reach higher levels of academic achievement.Specialized subject tutoring is also available.

  • Test Preparation  >>

    Once we determine your child’s specific test-taking profile, we can target the areas of need by focusing on subject content and teaching time-management and anxiety-reducing techniques—all designed to build confidence, reduce frustration, and improve performance.We offer special test preparation for the following :•    Common Core Tests•    NYS Regents•    ISEE•    SSAT•    SAT•    ACT

  • School Placement Counseling N–12  >>

    With our extensive background and school placement expertise, we will help you plan for your child’s  academic future, from nursery through high school.

    Our knowledge of school programs – and our experience with the often-complex application process — will provide you with the guidance you need to select the best placement for your child.

    •    Private Schools

    •    Public Schools

    •    Traditional and progressive boarding schools

    •    Therapeutic boarding schools

    •    Specialized schools for students with learning, social, and emotional needs

    •    Special Education programs

  • Executive Function Coaching  >>

    Our one-on-one sessions are designed to improve your child’s study and organizational skills for optimal academic performance and increased self-confidence.

    Our coaching program is individualized to benefit all of our students. The program can be designed to support students who understand most of their content material but need support with planning and executing specific tasks.  We also work with students who need to incorporate academic support as part of the executive function coaching.  These tasks include:

    •    Organization of their materials and physical study space

    •    Subject-specific study skills

    •    Time management for short- and long-term assignments

    •    Effective self-advocacy in student/teacher relationships

    Learn more about our executive function coaching services.

  • Professional Referrals  >>

    Over the years, we have cultivated professional relationships with respected experts in the area. We can make appropriate recommendations for more comprehensive evaluations and related services.

    •    Psychologists

    •    Neuropsychologists

    •    Psychiatrists

    •    Occupational therapists

    •    Physical therapists

    •    Speech/language therapists

    •    Special Education Attorneys

    Contact us to learn more about professional referrals.

  • Parent Coaching  >>

    Individual sessions can help you confidently address any behavioral and education-related issues. Frequently addressed topics include:

    •    Effective behavioral techniques at home

    •    Developmentally appropriate guidance

    •    Demystification of learning disabilities

    •    Helpful language to use with children undergoing an evaluation or experiencing a transition

    Please contact us to learn more about parent coaching.


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