“I love MAIA workshops!  They help me learn more about topics that interest me and connect with other people who have similar interests.”

                     — E. N., professional and parent

Past MAIA Workshops and Events

Here are some of our previous workshops topics. We are available to do workshops for schools or organizations on a variety of topics. If you are interested in any of the topics below or have others that you would like to propose please contact us.

Past MAIA Workshops

Past MAIA Events

Restoring Hope during Adolescent Crises

Adolescence features major developmental tensions physically, socially, emotionally and academically. As a parent of an adolescent, you may feel hard pressed to know how to help your child with complex problems. Our panel of experts will provide you with key pointers for recognizing problems when they start and offer specific ways to help your child engage in a meaningful, well-balanced life.

Questions addressed: When is intervention needed? Does your adolescent need an alternative school environment? Will your adolescent ever go back into mainstream education? What are reasonable parenting expectations? What supports should you make sure exist on a college campus?


The Tough Stuff to Talk About: Raising a Child with Special Needs

As professionals and parents raising or working with a special needs child, we know it's critical to find the right support and guidance. We have created an expert panel of dynamic professionals who engage in honest discussion about providing for special needs children. This includes examination of neuropsychological evaluations and diagnoses, child advocacy and managing relationships during times of stress. Parents, psychologists, learning specialists and interested professionals are encouraged to attend.


The Road Less Travelled: Making Unexpected Educational Decisions for Your Child

A  discussion of why the one-to-one teaching model works so well for students and how current research supports this model. In addition, why your child might have experienced inconsistent success in other academic settings – the process one can undergo in figuring out the right supports — understanding your child’s strengths and weaknesses - how to appropriately challenge an underperforming student to reach his/her potential — creating effective partnerships between home-and-school.


Test Anxiety: Preparing Students Emotionally for High Stakes Testing

A review what happens physiologically when students are anxious during tests and the specific strategies used to help students manage their anxiety so that they can reach their optimal performance on high stakes tests.


Executive Functioning Skills = Success in Life

A discussion of work done with students on executive functioning skills at MAIA and presentation on specific case studies.


ADHD demystified: How to Help Our Students Thrive at Home and School

A discussion offering insights into living with ADHD and offering specific strategies on how to help students will be reviewed.


Is My Child Ready for College? Identifying Support for Students with Learning Differences

A discussion on the process of college placement for students with Learning Differences. What are some specific things to think consider for your child when determining a good fit?

It's the Simple Stuff that's Hard!  Executive Function and The Adolescent Brain

November 2014

Executive Function is a buzz word prevalent in most national education conferences and frequently used in evaluative reports of students diagnosed with learning and attention vulnerabilities.

This workshop highlights aspects of Executive Function and why the "easy" stuff of planning, organizing and executing on tasks (executive function) can be hard for many.   Specific emphasis was made on how executive function skills relate to students in and out of the classroom setting.  In addition, executive function exercises is offered to educators to inspire dialogue about students and best practices in instruction.

MAIA Fundraiser for the International Dyslexia Association

October 2014

MAIA Education celebrates Learning Disability month with a Fundraiser for the International Dyslexia Association at NYU Kimmel Center, Celebrating Dyslexia.

MAIA Honors NYC Chancellor of Education

March 2014

Maia Education supported event to honor NYC Chancellor of Education, Carmen Farina, at Everyone Reading Conference.

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