“You've helped me identify the right resources for my daughter. The interventions you recommended made an incredible difference in our family life. She looks forward to going to school and is excited about her future.”      — K. D., parent


MAIA Parent Consultation

If you have questions about your child’s education or development, you may schedule a consultation with MAIA’s director, Sharon Thomas.  Sharon provides parental guidance, identifies resources and develops an action plan that can be effectively implemented.

Individual sessions can address an array of topics, both educational and behavioral related. In addition to her hands on work experience, Sharon has a strong network of professionals in related fields for follow-up referrals when it is determined this will benefit you and your child.  Sharon has presented on many topics and has developed a network of esteemed professionals with whom she collaborates.


Frequently addressed questions and topics during consultations include:

• What are developmentally appropriate expectations for my child at home and school?

• How might subject tutoring or executive function coaching benefit my child?

• How can I best support my child’s academic success?

• What is reasonable to ask of schools when my child needs more support?

• My child has no motivation to do her work.  How can I help her see this is important for her future?

• Tools to help your child develop resilience and positive self-advocacy skills.

• How do I make sure that my child’s teachers know about her diagnosis and implement the accommodations recommended in the evaluation?

• When to approach schools when a child experiences distress at home.

• My elementary school aged child does not like her teacher.  What should I do?

• Should I be worried about my child or is this typical behavior?

• What can I do to help my child with test taking anxiety?

• Understanding your child’s learning profile and what you can do to support his or her growth.

• What do I do when my child complains about being bored at school?

• When should a school transition be considered? How can a school advisor help determine if another school placement is warranted?

• Helpful language to use with children undergoing an evaluation or experiencing a transition.

• How do I help my children transition midyear when they are coming from another country?

• What should I look for in a school when we move our family from another country?

• My child doesn’t want to go back to school, what should I do?

• When is it time to consider specialized school placement?

• Once a child goes to a specialized school, will he ever be in a mainstream school?

• I heard that students who go to therapeutic schools are not able to join their mainstream peers ever again.  Is that true?

• Do all kids with a diagnosis need a specialized school?

• Can I convince my child to attend boarding school?

• My high school-aged child wants to go to another school with less support than she has now, but she still needs it.  How do I convince her to make a good school choice?


Contact us to schedule a phone conference or a personal visit to our education resource center for a consultation.


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