"At MAIA we want parents and students to feel comfortable and know they can count on us for support and guidance. The education resource center is a place where families can learn about educational opportunities and feel confident about their decisions."

— Sharon Thomas, MAIA Founder and Director

Sharon Thomas, Director

Our founder and director of MAIA, Sharon Thomas, leads our education team. She has over two decades of professional experience in the field of education and research, and she has worked with hundreds of families to identify resources, establish goals, and implement practical plans that have a positive, long-term impact on the individuals she is honored to serve.

Ms. Thomas is licensed in General and Special Education, with a concentration in Learning Disabilities. She holds a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University, an MSc in Child Developmental Psychology from University College London, and an MSEd in Special and General Education from Hunter College. She is a private-school consultant in Manhattan and a frequently requested speaker on education-related topics.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to British and Brazilian parents, she is familiar with the significant issues of adapting to different cultures or school environments. Her personal background and international experience give her a unique insight into the process of cultural adjustment. She has worked successfully with many international families to acclimate them to the intricacies of the American educational system.

Her vision for founding MAIA was cultivated by generations of family members who were themselves academic visionaries, as educators and administrators in key school and university leadership positions. They too believed in every student's potential.

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